The influence peculiarities of the chemical composition of washing liquids on the results of electrical and acoustic methods

O. N. Trubenko, D. D. Fedoryshyn, *R. O. Marynchak, S. D. Fedoryshyn, A. O. Trubenko (Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas)


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  1. Onanko Anatoliy Petrovich

    Analyzing the magnitude determining speed ratio propagation results of ultrasonic vibrations perpendicular (V) and parallel (V|)) layer for different rocks (acoustic anisotropy), we found that in sandstones and siltstones with layers of clays the ratio V/Vincreases by reducing the speed of ultrasonic oscillations measured perpendicular to the layering. In the case of a thin-layer structure, the ratio V||/V is 1.53-1.57 (Izotovaet al., 1975). In the case where the section is represented by rocks with a homogeneous structure, the ratio V||/V is independent of porosity and varies within 1.1-1.25. Taking into account the absorption properties of complex-built rocks that fill a thin-layer geologic section allows us to determine a number of factors for their dismemberment, namely: the increase in the porosity of the reservoir rocks, the amplitude and duration of ultrasonic vibrations.
    The amplitude of the longitudinal ultrasonic wave that is perpendicular to the rock formation is several times smaller than the amplitude of the same wave that runs parallel to the rock formation. = V||/V = ? is several times = how many times exectly???

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