Technical programme

To participate in the conference, you will need to make an appointment in the oral presentation Halls. You will need to enter your First and Last Name and e-mail address. Do this before the conference starts.

After registration, you will receive e-mail with personal links to enter the Halls.

MONDAY, 07,12,2020
1100-1130Ceremonial opening
1130-1300Plenary session
·   Open Science for Ukraine: challenges and prospects O. Berezko
·   On the construction of vertical reference system of Ukraine K. Tretyak, B. Dzhuman
·   On GNSS activity at the Main Astronomical Observatory NASU M. Ishchenko, O. Khoda
·   Monitoring of recent local geodynamic activity in the Penola Strait-Lemaire Channel fault area (West Antarctica) I. Savchyn 
1300-1400Lunch break
1400-1530Oral session – Earth Surface Processes & Geodynamics
1530-1550Coffee break
1550-1730Oral session – Earth Surface Processes & Geodynamics
1730-1800Questions and discussions  
TUESDAY, 08,12,2020
0900-1030Oral session – Remote Sensing & GIS for Environmental Monitoring & Exploration
1030-1050Coffee break
1050-1220Oral session – Remote Sensing & GIS for Environmental Monitoring & Exploration
1220-1300Questions and discussions
1300-1400Lunch break
1400-1450Oral session – Land Cover Mapping & UAV
1450-1520Questions and discussions
1520-1540Coffee break
1540-1730Oral session – Engineering Surveying & Deformation Monitoring
1730-1800Questions and discussions
WEDNESDAY, 09,12, 2020
0900-0940Oral session – 3d Modeling & Visualization for Geology & Mining
0940-1000Questions and discussions
1000-1020Coffee break
1020-1140Oral session – Sectoral Cadastres for Environmental Management
1140-1200Questions and discussions
1200-1220Coffee break
1220-1300Summarizing the results of Conference