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Conferences for 2023

Dear colleagues! We have completed the preparations and are now accepting conference applications: 1. Workshop on Landslide Hazard and Community Impact Assessment – Landslide 2023, to be held in Lviv, Ukraine, on September 18-21, 2023. The call for papers will be open until July 31. The program of the workshop includes a field trip. 2. The conference of young scientists Geoterrace 2023 will also be held in Lviv from October 2 to 4. A new topic for discussion has been added to the conference program: “Recording, Monitoring and Evaluation of the Consequences of War and… Read More »Conferences for 2023

2022 Conference Proceedings

Dear colleagues, we are pleased to announce that all conferences held in 2022 have already been published on EarthDoc. The proceedings of the Geoterrace 22 conference have already been indexed in Scopus, and the remaining Monitoring 22 conference are in line for indexing. 1- International Conference of Young Professionals «GeoTerrace-2022 ISBN: 9781713862505 Indexed by Scopus on December 22 Link on Earthdoc:   2 – 16th International Conference Monitoring of Geological Processes and Ecological Condition of the EnvironmentLink on Earthdoc: ISBN: 9789462824522

Season greetings

Dear Colleagues!!! It was not an easy year, the war that began on February 24, 2022, has changed or destroyed many plans, many Ukrainian scientists have completely changed their lives and it is difficult to predict what the new year will prepare for us. But no matter what, EAGE fully supports all activities and initiatives in Ukraine. This year there is free membership for Ukrainian scientists and free participation not only in local events but also in global ones. We held 2 conferences – Geoterrace – a conference of young scientists, and Monitoring, which became… Read More »Season greetings

Monitoring`22 Programme

English version below. Шановні учасники конференції На сайті опублікована попередня технічна програма 16-ї Міжнародної наукової конференції “Моніторинг небезпечних геологічних процесів та екологічного стану довкілля“. Конференція має насичену наукову програму, за 4 дні буде заслухано 232 доповіді.Конференція проходитиме в режимі онлайн і для участі необхідно зареєструватися на порталі конференції в системі Zoom Events. Цей сайт слугуватиме єдиною точкою входу на всі секції. Інформація для доповідачівПросимо Вас ознайомитися з програмою конференції та звернути увагу на регламент виступів: 15 хвилин для усних доповідей та 10 хвилин для стендових доповідей.Ми суворо дотримуємося регламенту і тому Ви повинні виступити з… Read More »Monitoring`22 Programme

Monitoring 22

On September 25, the call for papers for the 16th Monitoring 22 International Conference ended. This was a record year and we received 280 applications, which is 300% of the number in previous years. Reviewers will be working until October 20, after which the scientific program of the conference will be formed. Thanks to all the authors for their contributions.

Geoterrace 2022

Dear colleagues, we received more than 95 applications for the conference of Young Scientists – GeoTerrace 2022. The conference program consisted of 80 presentations. The conference programme and papers have already been published on our website. Once again we want to emphasize that participation in the conference for Ukrainian scientists is free of charge, and we also want to add that we invite listeners to join the conference without payment. Instead, for those who want to support the organizers of the conference, we can offer to make a charitable contribution to the EAGE Ukraine Professional… Read More »Geoterrace 2022

Help from EAGE.

Шановні колеги, мирного дня Вам! Керівництво EAGE підтримує нас в ці складні часи. Нижче Ви можете ознайомитись з листом Генерального Директора EAGE. На разі за ініціативою українського підрозділу EAGE: 1. Учась українських вчених в усіх заходах на території України є безкоштовною, і ми продовжуємо підготовку конференцій Геотерраса – 22 та Моніторинг – 22. Долучайтеся: 2. Участь українських вчених в усіх заходах EAGE по світу також пропонується на безоплатній основі. Будь ласка ознайомтеся з календарем подій 3. Українські вчені можуть отримати безкоштовне членство в найбільшій асоціації Європи – безкоштовно. Про це в листі Генерального… Read More »Help from EAGE.

EAGE Conferences in Ukraine

This year we plan to hold two conferences Geoterrace 2022 (Lviv, October 3 – 5) and Monitoring 2022 (Kyiv, November 15-18). We do not refuse our plans and will work on the organization of these events so that the Ukrainian scientists who continue their scientific work still have the opportunity to share their results with the world scientific community. Right now the whole world knows that the Ukrainian army is one of the strongest in the world and we would like the Ukrainian army of scientists to be considered strong in the world as well.EAGE… Read More »EAGE Conferences in Ukraine

EAGE in Ukraine

EAGE has joined the global sanctions against Russia’s war in Ukraine. By the decision of the Association’s Board, EAGE’s commercial activities in Russia have been suspended, the first step being the cancellation of the conference in St. Petersburg. In addition to complying with all sanctions mandated by the EU, the EAGE is taking immediate steps to suspend its commercial relationship with Russian entities and the organization of international events in the name of the EAGE in the Russian Federation.The board of EAGE also supports the geoscience community and our Local Chapter in Kyiv. EAGE BOARD… Read More »EAGE in Ukraine

2021 Conference Proceedings

Dear colleagues, we are pleased to announce that all conferences held in 2021 have already been published on EarthDoc. The proceedings of the Geoinformatics 2021 conference have already been indexed in Scopus, and the remaining conferences are in line for indexing. 1 – XXth International Conference “Geoinformatics: Theoretical and Applied Aspects” Link on Earthdoc: ISBN: 9789462823815 The conference proceedings indexed by Scopus in August 2021 2- Third EAGE Workshop on Assessment of Landslide Hazards and impact on communities Link on Earthdoc: ISBN: 9789462824096 3- International Conference of Young Professionals «GeoTerrace-2021» Link on Earthdoc: ISBN: 9789462824102 4 – 15th International Conference… Read More »2021 Conference Proceedings