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General information for Monitoring 2020

Dear colleagues

For the first time, our conference will be held online, it is a great opportunity to look into the future today, learn new communication technologies and get the skill of remote interaction with colleagues from around the world.

Such format will allow more participants to take part in the conference, and you as the authors will be able to share with them the results of your work. 

The conference will be held as planned on November 11-13, 2020. For comfortable work of the conference we have planned 2 virtual halls – Hall 1 and Hall 2 for oral and poster presentations. 

To participate in the conference, you will need to make an appointment in the oral presentation Halls. You will need to enter your First and Last Name and e-mail address. Do this before the conference starts.


After registration, you will receive e-mail with personal links to enter the Halls.

Virtual halls are organized on the basis of Zoom platform. Therefore, to participate in the conference you will need to install this software.

App installation Zoom for windows

Other versions (All platforms)

Here is a good guide to Zoom.

На Русском языке

In English

We also found a good one  инструкцию в Фейсбуке (Russian)

Once you have installed the zoom, set up an account (be sure to include your Name and Last Name in English so that your colleagues can see who they are communicating with).

On our website available a schedule with links to the Halls registration.

For oral presentations

If you’re the speaker:

Study the schedule of presentations and participate in your session by clicking on the link  in confirmation letter

Prepare a presentation on your computer, get your camera and workplace prepared. Join the webinar in advance and at the appointed time, after being announced by the moderator, start demonstrating your screen and make a report, according to the rules for all your speech 20 minutes (15 minutes for poster) we recommend to finish the report 5 minutes before the end for questions and discussion.

For attendees:

Examine the presentation schedule as well as the abstract you are interested in. Attend the desired session by clicking on the links provided in confirmation letter. During the presentation, you can prepare a question by writing it in the form of questions, or after the presentation is over, click on the “Raise your hand” button and when the moderator will give you the opportunity to talk, ask questions verbally (make sure you have microphone working).

 For Poster presentations:

All the speakers sent us by email their posters, and we posted them on the conference website. You can get acquainted with the submitted posters at any time, you can find the links to them in the section of the poster session.

 For presenters:

Since we use the zoom platform for the entire conference. At the scheduled time for your presentation Join a conference Hall for presentation and questions. According to shedule interested participants will be able to connect and ask you questions.

Privacy and copyrights

Please note that in online format there is no technical possibility to prevent any viewer from recording what’s shown on viewers’ screen. Therefore, please note that confidential information should not be shown to avoid possible publicity.