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Monitoring 2022

ESI “Institute of Geology” of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv with the support of the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE) organizes a conference dedicated to the monitoring of natural hazards, which includes both geological hazards, and study of the geological factors that can lead to environmental disasters.

The conference will include new approaches to using geological and geophysical methods for natural and man-made processes assessment, as well as ecological analysis of territories.

Due to the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, it is important to assess the impact of military action on the state of the geological environment and critical infrastructure, which can be considered by almost all sections of the conference.

The objective of this event is to facilitate the exchange of valuable scientific experience, integration of different sectors of research, and improvement of interagency and international cooperation.

There will be a student program.

Participation in the scientific program is FREE for Ukrainians.

Citizens of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus cannot participate in the conference in any format.


15 March – 15 25 September 2022 – Call for papers

14 November 2022 – registration and accommodation of participants

15–18 November 2022 – Conference


Online  and Onsite

Institute of Geology

Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

Kyiv, Vasylkivska st., 90.


15 minutes are allocated for presentation (oral or poster) and 5 minutes for discussion. The main working language of the conference – English. Section rooms will be equipped with projectors.

Posters: size A0 (portrait orientation).


S.I. Subbotin Institute of geophysics of NAS of Ukraine

Kyiv Institute of Engineer Survey and Research


KAI Group GeoUnit Company

Suchasna Geofizyka Company


15 March – 15 September 2022 – Call for papers


  • Modern technologies of geophysical monitoring

Observation systems for seismicity, geophysical fields and geodynamic processes.

  • Monitoring of aquatic environment and atmospheric air

Monitoring of pollutants in air and precipitation, surface and sea waters; groundwater research; sources of industrial emissions into the atmosphere; water bodies within protected areas.

  • Geohazards Monitoring and Mitigation

Methods and approaches to monitoring, modeling and analysis of the geoenvironment, assessment of natural hazards impact in the infrastructure, development of measures for the risk mitigation, ecosystem services.

  • Geophysics in engineering geology, soil science, archaeology, ecology

Theoretical and practical aspects of application of near-surface geophysical techniques and laboratory measurements of physical properties of rocks and soils are considered for the purposes of safety of construction, preservation of historical and cultural heritage, geoecology, soil science.

  • Aerospace methods of monitoring

Aerospace methods of studying and monitoring geological, natural, anthropogenic objects and processes.

  • Geographic information systems and technologies

GIS, digital cartography, models and visualization of spatial data, spatial analysis of data in GIS, technologies for creating vector maps, software.

  • Geological modeling and matter of the Earth

Modeling technologies, geological modeling in oil and gas and ore geology, geothermal energy and decarbonization projects.

  • Monitoring in prospecting and development of mineral deposits

Exploration work, monitoring the development of oil and gas fields, solid minerals, exploration geophysical work.

  • Monitoring of environmental and economic risks

Modeling and forecasting in nature management and environmental safety; advisory and methodological support. Environmental and economic risks.

  • Economic geology

Geological and economic assessment of subsoil use objects: international standards and domestic practice.


ESI “Institute of Geology” of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

03022 Kyiv, Vasylkivska street, 90.

tel: +380 (44) 431-04-40

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