2021 Conference Proceedings

Dear colleagues, we are pleased to announce that all conferences held in 2021 have already been published on EarthDoc.

The proceedings of the Geoinformatics 2021 conference have already been indexed in Scopus, and the remaining conferences are in line for indexing.

1 – XXth International Conference “Geoinformatics: Theoretical and Applied Aspects”

Link on Earthdoc:  https://www.earthdoc.org/content/proceedings/gis2021

ISBN: 9789462823815

The conference proceedings indexed by Scopus in August 2021

2- Third EAGE Workshop on Assessment of Landslide Hazards and impact on communities

Link on Earthdoc: https://www.earthdoc.org/content/proceedings/landslide2021

ISBN: 9789462824096

3- International Conference of Young Professionals «GeoTerrace-2021»

Link on Earthdoc: https://www.earthdoc.org/content/proceedings/geoterrace-2021

ISBN: 9789462824102

4 – 15th International Conference Monitoring of Geological Processes and Ecological Condition of the Environment
Link on Earthdoc: https://www.earthdoc.org/content/proceedings/monitoring-2021

ISBN: 9789462824119