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Season greetings

Dear Colleagues!!!

It was not an easy year, the war that began on February 24, 2022, has changed or destroyed many plans, many Ukrainian scientists have completely changed their lives and it is difficult to predict what the new year will prepare for us. But no matter what, EAGE fully supports all activities and initiatives in Ukraine. This year there is free membership for Ukrainian scientists and free participation not only in local events but also in global ones. We held 2 conferences – Geoterrace – a conference of young scientists, and Monitoring, which became the largest conference in the history of EAGE in Ukraine. All this once again emphasizes our indestructibility.

Next year we will continue our events: in September 2023 there will be a workshop on landslides, in October the Geoterrace – Young Scientists Conference, and in November the traditional Monitoring conference.
We are grateful to everyone who actively participated in our events, we wish the soonest peace and tranquillity for all Ukrainians.